Sunday, November 25, 2007

Worshiping God through Fiber

We went to see the newly released movie “August Rush” yesterday. I found the premise of an orphaned child with a special awareness of music, very interesting and heartfelt. Essentially, it is a story of the innocence of a child, with an inner awareness of music, that he feels was given to him by his biological parents, and his hope that he must make music so they can hear him and find him. Although constantly being told there is no hope, he continues with this hope to a happy conclusion.

Children music prodigies certainly have a gift that must be instilled in them from God, whether it be from the womb or later. I almost didn’t believe this until I experienced it myself, in my second son, who was definitely driven to seek out music even as a baby. For it is God that has created everything and in everything, it is amazing how the sounds we hear in the world have a musical quality, whether it be a melodious tone or a syncopated rhythm. One just has to listen.

Is God training us to listen to his small voice? I think so. He rejoices in music and the sounds of our worship in music. It prepares us to listen to Him and dig deep into ourselves, our emotions, our deepest thoughts to express and connect with Him in an intimate heartfelt relationship.

Our senses are amazing things. Again, I feel they are gifts of God. Are you thinking, “this is crazy”? Just think about it…. What if you didn’t have the gift of sight? What if you were born without hands? Just like the sense of hearing is there to discover the music in the world, God gives us the sense of sight and touch to learn about the softness of the world through fiber and yarn.

The more I get into the “discoveries” of fiber, the more I realize that not all fiber is the same. Our sense of touch heightens the more we touch the different fibers. The more we touch and work with a particular fiber, “yarn” is not just “yarn” anymore. We start noticing that merino wool is soft and alpaca is softer still. Mohair is shiny but silk is shinier still. What joy that gives us, depicted here by Marly of Yarn Thing Podcast. We are amazed at the beauty of the different explosions of colors of the different yarns our eyes see.

Isn’t God good? What a heavenly craft he gives us, in knitting and crocheting and spinning yarn. Through fiber, He has brought us into an awareness of Him. Is this why it relaxes and calms us and those around us? We just have to look and touch. What joy we experience when we have created something with these gifts God gives us. It makes us feel we need to GIVE back.

Is this worshiping Him? Yes! The blankets, sweaters, shawls, washcloths, hats and baby clothes we make are destined for someone God loves. They are gifts of "love". As we teach someone how to spin, knit and crochet, we are giving of ourselves as if we are giving to God, because we are using the gifts he has given us to lift someone, to warm them, to help them feel loved and cared for. Let us continue to worship Him.


Debby said...

Just thought I'd leave you a word of encouragement. I enjoy your blog and check it out most days. I liked your thoughts today. I think my 4 month old granddaughter has something for music. It calms her as nothing else during her fussy period. My daughter is deaf but music/worship is still important to her life, in a different format. Keep writing!

Yarn Thing said...

You know, when ever I walk into a yarn store I think to myself...isn't God great?! REALLY, I do!!

Loved what you wrote :-)