Monday, November 5, 2007

Finishing Madness!

Sunday morning, I made one of those “resolutions” to get something off my needles. The first lucky recipient was the Rust colored Wishbone sweater. I patiently whipped stitched the facing to the inside of the neck. I decided to keep the neck as is and not redo it, hoping that someone will wear it.

The thing about this sweater is….it is humongous! I tried it on and nearing swam in it. This is one very “HOT” sweater ! Literally! The doubled bulky weight makes this sweater warm enough to wear in Antartica. I don’t think we are going to have very many days of zero degree weather in California.

I let my husband try the sweater on and lo and behold, it fit!. This man, however, always runs a natural high body temperature on his own and he commented that it was too warm for him. I wish Elizabeth Zimmerman had designed the same style in worsted weight. Perhaps the next time I can calculate it myself. The sweater was a very easy style, It’s only the increases from the armholes to the neck that need to be figured out.

Well, now I was on a roll……The next thing that came off my needles was the Green Rib Warmer. I took great care to sew this up right, joining the shoulders and the two half pieces of the vests. It fits me perfectly. I am debating whether to add a crochet edging. It looks fine now, but I think the edge will make it more stylish and finished.

I went back to knitting Alan’s Christmas present. I finished one without the detailing that will be added later. Can you guess what it is?
I cast on the next one. This time I am using the magic loop method. I am liking knitting this way more every day.

Now with two things off my needles, I am get the itch to start something new. As I gaze into the rainbow wall of handspun yarn, I finally make the commitment to sort it into wearable wool for my Adult surprise Jacket. Although I have an assortment of colored dyed and undyed, I think I will use only natural colors for my first jacket.

I know it will be a long term project. So now I have a 6 ½ pound assortment of blacks, greys, browns, tans, and cream colored Shetland, Alpaca, mohair and other soft wools to knit at random into my jacket. I hope it doesn’t end up 6 ½ pounds but I am gratified to have an assortment of natural colored to choose from.

Tonight I cast on……all 338 stitches of it on Size 6 circular needles. There’s no turning back now.

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