Thursday, November 15, 2007

Spacebag Nightmare or Dream?

I ventured to go to work yesterday. Although not 100% well, I had a meeting I could not miss. So after the long day, I tiredly trudged home after 9 hrs of work in my attempts to catch up on the work that had piled up on my desk from being out sick.

What do I find as I walk through my door? A bin with a rectangle cube of something smooshed into what looks like a space bag in the middle of my living room! There seems to be blacks, greys, browns and white in it but nothing recognizable.

I look at my husband and ask “What have you done?”.
Husband, nonchalantly: “I decided to experiment”.
Me: “With what?”
Husband: “ I took all the stuff in the shelf and it’s all in there”.
My eyes get big in shock, when I realize he is referring to my lovely round coils of wool and alpaca roving that I must have paid over $100 to process into these wonderful meticulous coils I had carefully stashed in some shelves in the extra bedroom.
Me: This time I was a little louder, “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE??!!!”
Husband: “Don’t worry about it!”

Why do men always do this? How can they say with certainty not to worry about it? I had visions of all this fiber ending up in a tangled fibery, felted mess, unusable to me. Women are not equipped with a no-worry brain. As mothers we worry about everything.

Me: “How can you say that, “not to worry”? How can you easily say something I am incapable of doing?”
Husband: “Well, I guess that’s your problem”.
Me: My problem?! I don’t often have dreams of murder, but this was coming close.
Husband: “All you have to do is open the bag and they will pop back like new”.
I sincerely doubted this. Lord, give me patience! This is out of my control! So I’m just going to have to trust that you, Lord, that you will not give me additional pain and suffering when I am already sick physically as it is.

My husband and I went out to dinner and when we got home he opened the spacebag.
What happened next was astonishing!!!!

The bags of coiled roving were intact, dry and unfelted. A MIRACLE! Wow! It was like Mary Poppins taking out these large assortment of things out her small handbag. Was I impressed.! I was immediately thinking how I can inventory this stuff and put that which I will not be soon using in spacebags labeled so I can find it when I do need it. I will bet this will keep the moths away too. Imagine the space I’ll be saving!!!
Geewhiz, what in the world can I put in that space I’m saving? We fiberholics and yarnoholics know what that is?…………More fiber and yarn!!!! What a surprising day! ;)

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