Thursday, May 17, 2012

Life is a Challenge!

A Spring Flower found on my Walk to relieve stress
Life is a challenge. This is the first line of a book I read called “A Road Less Traveled”. How true this is!!! Whenever I feel like I’m in a comfortable place and coasting along, life puts another hill to climb, another obstacle to cross and life becomes very complicated.

Yet, I think we grow and learn more about ourselves with each experience. It is up to US, whether we conquer and succeed, or succumb to failure. If there is one thing I’ve learned in dealing with challenges, it is you don’t have to be alone. There is love and support out there if you will only have the courage to accept it.

It’s all about choices. As a person, responsible for our individual lives we have a choice how we are going to act, and how we are going to feel. There is no one who can make us do this or that. I pray constantly for the guidance of the Holy Spirit that dwells within me, but it is my choice to act or not and I must be responsible for it. No sense in blaming others for mistakes. Blaming others doesn’t solve anything and is a waste of emotional energy. Have you ever seen anything solved when people blame others? Of course, it is nice to vent your frustrations and one might feel better, but it doesn’t solve the situation. It doesn’t move it along to find solutions. It might give one a sense of power and control but what good is that if the problem is not fixed. We might be having a feeling of anger at someone or something but we “choose” to feel this way, or we “choose to let it go”. And honestly, I am not perfect and sometimes feel I need to vent, too. I try not to dwell on anger too long. Frankly, I think people would have less problems with high blood pressure and stroke, if they would just learn to let go and let God deal with it.

In my life, when things get so overwhelming, I just have to give it to God. This means REALLY letting him handle it or letting him speak to you in his small voice. I find this can come in a strong feeling or a miraculous solution in my mind that has great impact. It can even come through another person God sends to help me solve the problem. I have faith in his promise that “All things work for good to those that love God and are called according to his purpose”. This is my favorite verse and God has never let me down.