Saturday, December 1, 2007

December Project Update

Can you believe it? It’s December! Twenty five days till Christmas. Another year almost done. I thought I’d give you an update on all my latest projects on my needles.

My favorite right now is a Hooded Baby Poncho. I saw this pattern on the LionBrand newsletter and was intrigued that it was made with 3 types of yarn, not all on one poncho but knitted separately with Jiffy, Organic Cotton and Homespun. What a great stashbuster! It is amazingly easy. I am feverishly trying to finish one for my cousin’s son’s birthday today. I started it yesterday. I don’t know if I’ll make it but I’m trying.

Walter’s Work Cardigan

I love this color of blue. It is all stockinette stitch. I have almost knitted to the armholes. It has become my mindless knitting since it is straight knitting, I don’t even have to look at it while knitting. The blue has such a calming quality. I am trying to finish before Christmas. The weather has turned colder and my husband, ,having lost a lot of weight recently, seems to feel the cold much more.

Crocheted Mocha Roca Cardigan

Since I bought the book, Everyday Crochet by Doris Chan, I have been itching to try some of the patterns. I have always admired the crocheted sweater sold in Department stores, but have resisted buying because I thought I could make my own. Needless to say, I have searched for patterns with no success, until I found this book. I finally started the pattern and about 6 inches into the pattern, I realized I did something wrong and had to frog back to Row 5. I had increased where I should not have, dramaticly changing the shape and fit. As I tried to correct, I realize another mistake and decided to frog it completely changing the size of needles. I think I am finally on the right track and am determined to get this done. The patterns look easy but can fool you if you don’t pay close attention. I would have preferred more diagrams to help, because missing one shell pattern can really make a difference. I would not consider this an easy book to follow, but I know once I master this one, the other patterns will be easier.

Branching out scarf

This is coming out beautifully. I love the pattern, which is not too difficult but since it is lace, takes some concentration without distractions. It is soft and fuzzy, yet you can see the lovely leaves pattern.

Adult surprise jacket

I love the different natural handspun fibers in this project. Changing the colors keeps all the garter stitch from becoming too boring. This will be my catch as I can project.

Alan’s Christmas project

This has somewhat stalled temporarily but I will pick this up again soon to finish for Christmas. This might be the only project I get done for Christmas.

Tofutsies socks for my dad

This has definitely stalled. I don’t think I like the yarn. It seems cold, more for summer socks and I’m craving things that are warm to touch. I’m sure I will eventually pick them up again, but socks were never my cup of tea. For some people, they are easy, but for me, using Size 2 needles they are somewhat boring.

Candlelight scarf

I still love this lace pattern, but it is on hold for now, while I work on other projects. It also takes a lot on concentration.

In the frogging bin are the cream sweat pants and the Laptop computer cover. The sweatpants fit a little too tight for my son’s comfort, so I have given up trying to fix them and will unravel them for another project. My son seems OK with this. I really wanted to knit something he will wear. He is very particular and I knew if these did not fit right, he wouldn’t wear them.
The yarn I’m using for the Laptop cover is not working like I thought it would. The Bulky Berkshire wool yarn just does not seem to define the cables very well to my liking. The original pattern calls for worsted and so I think I will unravel this again and save the yarn for another project. Maybe a felting project would be better for this yarn. This yarn is left over from my Rib Warmer. I heard an interview with the Yarn Harlot recently, who said she doesn’t knit for “Inanimate Objects” because they can’t appreciate the knitted gift. It got me thinking why am I using this beautiful soft and warm bulky wool on an inanimate laptop when an acrylic would do just fine on this type of project.

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