Thursday, September 27, 2007

Calling All "Comments"!

I am so exciting to receive my very first comment on this blog!!!! And from no less than Frecklegirl Jess of Ravelry. WoooHooo! (This is where you imagine me jumping for joy!) I am so happy! I was beginning to feel very lonely that no one chose to comment on anything on this blog. I received some nice email comments but none on the blog.

I do realize some do not feel comfortable posting comments for all to see. That’s OK too. Nevertheless, I am still learning about how to do this “Blog stuff” and work this website, and realized that I had it set to accept only those who registered with “Blogspot”. I had inadvertently excluded my larger audience, those who were not registered (aka anonymous) people. Well, now I have changed my settings to allow Anonymous (anyone) to comment.

Sooooo…..Come one and all! Feel free to comment. Just press the “comment” link at the bottom of this entry and leave me your thoughts. I would love to hear from you.

P.S. Thank you Jess of Ravelry for your nice comment! Hang in there! We very much appreciate your hard work. You will be famous….you ARE famous in the knitting world!.

1 comment:

Sheknits said...

That is pretty cool that your first comment is from a famous least in the knitting world!! I love your Baby Suprisde jacket...was it fun to make? AL
Also I can't wait (when the time is right) to be a grandma youngest 9of 7) just went to kindergarten and my oldest is a senior in college.