Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Orange you glad to know?

I just couldn't wait to start my October project sweater. Once I make my mind up to do something, it so hard not to. I started my Wishbone sweater from the December project of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitter’s Almanac.

I don’t believe EZ intended this sweater to have a ribbing, but I put one on anyways, because finishing is just not something I like to do. I think she intended for a facing to be added and then sewn up, but I just couldn’t bring myself to commit to this. I can handle the sleeves and the neck line, but 48 in of sewing a facing was just not very motivating.

I just love the color. I don’t think my camera has caught the true color. The Lion Brand Jiffy color is rust but it looks more like a pumpkin orange. The Acrylic in the photo makes it sort of shine. It’s somewhat fuzzy, like mohair, which makes it soft. In the photo it looks more redish than it really is. It is knitting up quite fast as expected. The above is two days worth of knitting on Size 11 needles.

I’m afraid my sweatpants is in danger of becoming a UFO (aka unfinished object). I am going to have to do a lot of ripping back to correct it. (Sigh!) Well…I hope that when I get tired of knitting the rust, I will be motivated to knit the cream. (So uninspiring, huh?) I am so glad to get back to colored yarn again. I plan to dye the cream sweatpants. What color did my son request? Dreadful Black; another reason to be uninspired. I hope to get back to it before Christmas.

I am so excited that I am getting closer to getting an invite on Ravelry, the knitting community (what do you call it?) website database? I’m now at 654 people in front of me and believe it or not 17,423 people behind waiting.

I heard an interview on the Stash and Burn podcast with the creators of Ravelry, Jess and Casey. Wow, do they sound tired but very gratified to have created something that has taken off so well. Thank you Jess and Casey! I’ve heard so many great things about it. It may prove to be an excellent model for a new kind of supportive community that brings out the best talents, resources and gifts of people. Knitters rule! We have a potential to change the world in so many positive ways!.

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frecklegirl jess said...

Thanks so much, Diana!

We really appreciate you guys being patient! We are getting there!

That is a fabulous orange. :)