Monday, September 17, 2007

Simple Gifts

I woke up this morning and thought that something was strangely different. It was actually overcast and gloomy outside with temperatures in the cool 60’s. For Southern California, this is very unusual. Over the weekend it hit in the 90’s. Leaves are falling in my backyard from my neighbors trees. I actually had to dig in my closet for a sweater to wear to work. This is signs of something……

I arrived at work and teachers were reporting that their kids are coming in sick, with runny noses and coughs. This always happens when the weather changes and is a sure indication that Summer is over and “Fall” is here. I am seeing pumpkins everywhere and flowers in craft stores in hues of yellow, orange and brown. Halloween decorations proliferate all the department stores with a sprinkling of Christmas decorations starting to show up.

This season excites me because I know that the Holidays are just around the corner. I am feeling that my purpose in knitting is even more strengthened as I consider who will get the handmade gifts this year. Will I have time to make it? How can I make the Holidays special this year? Knitting with warm wool is lovely again, especially soft wool.

I sit on my comfy rocking chair in front of the fireplace, knitting on my latest projects, listening to my knitting podcasts and without knowing I am dozing off. Why does the fall changes make me so sleepy? Did God put “Fall” into the world to prepare us for a period of world slumber, a time for plants to slumber from their growth, giving farmers a break after the harvest, and wives a time to prepare warm garments for the cold?

Isn’t He so ingenious? He gave people gifts of creativity, love and a desire to make something out the raw materials of His creation. How amazing is the wonder of a different kind of harvest, and satisfaction in the hearts of those that create, whose expressions of beauty in their creations make this world amazing to behold. See how God expresses His love of beauty in the gifts he gives us and our expressions of our arts! Aha! I have discovered my gift!

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