Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Trials and Errors

Why does a week of trials and error drive me so unrelentlessly to knit. It must be the peaceful solitude of making something out of practically nothing that gives one a sense of happy accomplishment replacing the feeling of failure. This week at work has been a non-stop cycle of spinning my wheels, trying to do everything and accomplishing nothing.

Even in my knitting pursuits can be trial and error. I had my hopes high in starting a new project with laceweight yarn: The Rose Trellis Shawl. Even as I started to cast on I ran into some snags, literally. I couldn’t seem to pick up and knit this thin yarn in a single ply. I kept snagging and dropping stitches. I finally resorted to doubling the yarn, which was more manageable but the pattern proved more complicated than I thought. Once I made a mistake, it was impossible to undo and fix the errors without dropping more stitches. I ended up dropping so many stitches and eventually gave up. I’ll have to save making this lovely shawl when I have a bit more experience with lace and laceweight yarn.

So now what do I do with this beautiful yarn? Solution…..I’ve been drooling over the lovely patterns in Lavish Lace. I was intrigued by an easier Candlelight pattern for a scarf that originally called for a DK superwash yarn. I was hoping that my doubled laceweight Alpaca/Silk on smaller Size 4 needles would do just fine.

My youngest son’s sweat pants are really coming along now. I am almost to the waist band. Just one more fitting, to position the drawstring holes, and we’re in business.
Now that I’ve made one pair of sweats, I am motivated to try to do some leggings for my granddaughter, this time following Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Baby leggings pattern in the Knitter’s Almanac. The cone “sportweight” cotton I won from ebay turned out to be stiff Size 10 crochet cotton. It will not be soft enough for leggings and it is way too thin to knit with. I really do not want the same troubles I went through with laceweight wool. So I am going to try the soft worsted Superwash wool I made a swatch out of last week. If I am successful, they will be warm and comfy for some nighttime leggings.

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