Sunday, September 2, 2007

My Favorite Knitting Podcasts

I've discovered the joy of listening to knitting podcast on my Ipod nano. A podcast is like a mini radioshow produced by non-professionals about anything they want to talk about. There are so many knitting and crafting podcasts available, for free download or for listening to on your computer, to keep anyone busy and entertained for a long time. Below are some of my favorites.


A podcast for crafters who love books. Heather Ordover, an English teacher, shares her commentary on her knitting, spinning, crocheting and other crafting projects. She is an easy to listen to mom, who has moved from New York to Tuscon, Arizona. What makes this podcast special is that she plays audiobook classics from Librivox, a wealth of public domain books, during the last half of her one hour podcast. Her first selection was Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, one of my all time favorite classics. Her teacherly commentary is very enlightening. It’s like being in a class where the teacher helps the reader/listener be aware of details and insights of the enfolding story. These readings are great to listen to while knitting.

Sticks and String

David Reidy from Australia, a very amiable bloke who knits, a high school teacher, has a degree in astrophysics and despite all of this seems “very down to earth”. Excellent idealistic essays that make one proud to be a knitter, male or female, and encourages one to give to others and teach knitting, a constant characteristic of the knitting community at large. There is lovely music to knit to, very surreal and peaceful. Weekly podcast. I always look forward this.

Cast On

Brenda Dayne, from Wales, the “queen bee” of knitting podcasting. Everyone seeks her advice and assistance in starting podcasting. Brenda has a sultry easy to listen to voice, opinionated and entertainingly irritable at times, which makes her a REAL person one can relate to. There are wonderful essays and excellent writing about her knitting philosophy and life. Usually one hour in duration with interruptions of great music selections, some off the wall, but entertaining.

Knitpicks Podcast

Kelly Petkin, from Knitpicks yarns in Washington. Very slow and deliberate account of her inspirations and progress of knitting, yarn producing and pattern developing. Makes one feel like she is your best friend, very encouraging and positive. Leads a monthly knit-along through Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitters Almanac on Yahoo called Elizabeth’s Year.


Caroline Morse in New Hampshire. A mother who spins, knits, crochet, weaves, and raises animals including dogs and alpacas for her fiber work. Has lots of good advice and talks about equipment and techniques related to fiberarts to share, as well as life with her three children. Caroline hasn’t posted a new podcast since April but the few she has are very entertaining and informative.

Stash and Burn

Jennie and Nicole from San Francisco banter with each other about their quest to reduce their “out of control” stash of yarn. They seem to know a lot about the different yarns, fashion trends and new patterns that are around. They talk about the process of their knitting projects. At times, they can be very funny. Jennie has a wonderful laugh that can be infectious.

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