Sunday, August 26, 2007

Knitting Solace and Comfort

I lost my dearest cousin yesterday quite suddenly after what was supposed to be a minor surgery. My cousin was 51. Although her health had been getting worse over the years, this is not easy to cope with, knowing how much she loved life and had been making plans for the future. When we were children, she lived with us, so she was the closest thing to a sister to me. I feel the world has lost a bright shining star.

To help me cope, there is family and of course, my knitting. I haven't yet been able to cry. I think I'm still in shock. Every stitch I knit in the quiet solace of my thoughts helps me remember the times we shared with eash other....the good and the bad. She too, learned to crochet from our beloved grandmother, but she didn't pursuit it as her vision worsened with her growing health problems. The bright colors of my knitting remind me of her, as a happy people person, always laughing and joking. She had a gift of talking to people into almost anything. As I click my needles, they remind me of the times at my Grandmas. We played together as children in our Grandma's awesome basement, searching for lost treasures and sometimes finding some. Her death makes me want to knit even more in order to leave something of myself that can be passed on to family members in legacy.

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