Saturday, August 25, 2007

Finished PI Shawl

Yea! I finally finished the PI shawl from Elizabeth Zimmermans book, "Knitters Almanac". This is the July project but I am not a fast knitter and this took me a while longer. I knitted it with light blue wool that I had in my stash. It didn't come out as big as I wanted it to wear as a shawl, but it will make a nice tablecloth. The next one I make with be bigger and with finer wool or alpaca.

The next project I will be starting will be the nether garments for September's Knitter's Almanac project. Nether garment are more like leggings. I've always wanted to learn how to make pants of any kind. This will be an interesting and looks rather easy.

The question I struggled with was who was to be my guinea pig. I needed some measurements to figure out the number of stitches. With my body, I don't think leggings would be very flattering. So I asked my pencil thin son if he would mind if I knit him some pants for sleepwear. He said yes and then I asked him what style he want for the legs....1) Ankle and leg snug, as the pattern is written, 2) knee snug and ankle loose, or 3) thigh snug and knee and ankle loose (aka sweatpants). Of course, he chose the sweatpants. I found a cotton yarn in my stash which I can knit and dye later if he wants. The only thing is I hope I have enough. I have about 1200 yds. I'm not sure how much yarn this project will take. I'm kind of going on faith. I do have a plan B. I could always pick up some cotton "Sugar and Cream" worsted from Walmart. It's close enough to the cotton yarn I have to substitute and then hoping the dyeing will hide everything.

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