Sunday, December 2, 2007

Birthday Poncho

I didn’t quite finish the baby poncho I was hoping to give my cousin’s son for his 1st birthday. I did however, take it with me to work on. This family gathering was one made up of sons and daughters and children of cousins whom I haven’t seen in awhile or rather infrequently. Picking up my knitting was the ice breaker I needed to get some conversation started. It was also a warm task on a very cold day. The main party was outside, but I spent the majority of time inside to avoid any chance of relapsing into sickness from over exposure to the cold. Once I got home, I work into the wee hours of the night and early in the morning to finish it.

I realized midway that I would not have enough grey Jiffy yarn from my stash and was hoping at least to complete to poncho part with the grey. To my dismay I was about 6 rows short. I had already decided to knit the hood and pocket with another color I had partial skeins of.

What was I to do about the grey? I looked in my stash to see if there was any scraps left of Jiffy grey to no avail. Even a trip to Michael’s was disappointing, no dark grey was to be found. I did, however, find a Wool Ease worsted that I could double for bulky weight and bought it. It worked out great and the missing Jiffy and substituted Wool Ease is on the back side of the poncho and the colors are close enough meld into the fabric.

Here are the results…….

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Betty said...

This is really cute. I have never seen a baby poncho like this. You will have to try to get a picture on the child. That would be a cute addition. You did really good with all the trouble you had finding yarn. It looks like it was a fun project.