Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Seeking Christmas Knitting Inspiration

I’m sitting here staring at my blog, trying to get some inspiration to write…….Nothing…..well, maybe something……

I've been trying to get into the Christmas spirit. Christmas music is playing on the radio. I love Christmas music. We got our tree and it has lights, but haven’t had the energy to put any ornaments on it yet. Keep wondering if I should buy some new ones. I’m kind of bored with the old ones. Or made I need to makes some. My husband got busy and put up the house Christmas lights. I think he’s more into this Christmas Spirit than I am this year. Of course, he is planning a special gift hunt with clues for someone special in our family this year as he has done for several years now.

I’ve been wanting to give handmade gifts but the projects I’ve started are going to take time to finish, and I may not complete them in time. So I’ve been thinking about what quick and easy gifts I can make. I started another scarf and some slippers. I wish there were more creative ideas for simple knit gifts, especially for men. It’s not cold enough for men, at least here in California, to wear knit hats. It’s too warm. We need more guy knitters in this world to give us more ideas of what they like.

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