Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fuzzy Feet

I finished the second slipper of the Knitty “Fuzzy Slippers”. Believe it or not I was about 2 yards short of yarn on one skein and had to use a little of the second skein.

Today I felt them in the washer. I put them in a garment bag with a towel. I added some detergent and hot water on a fast cycle. Every 5 minutes I checked the size until it reached the size I wanted. The slippers came out great. It will probably take a few days to dry completely, but they look very promising for the perfect slipper.
I usually don’t like knitting socks but these seemed to knit up fast. I may try to do another pair before Christmas. The next pair, I may try some stripes

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Minnesota Mazzio's said...

Thanks for letting me know how to post the links without doing the URL. I am still learning...lol.

I have fixed the audio problem so this week should be much better. I love Fuzzy feet.

Thanks for listening