Sunday, December 9, 2007

In Search of the Perfect Slipper

I am on a quest for the perfect slipper pattern. With Chrismas in a few weeks, I am wanting to make something handmade for someone. I was thinking this would be a quick project. I bought a few balls of acrylic bulky Mon Dea Yarn Indigo Run color and found an easy pattern.

As I searched the Internet I found an easy looking pattern called “Knitting Pattern for for Short Row Slippers by Beth Stambaugh. I knitted one for a size 7 or 8 shoe. After knitting up one slipper, I didn’t like it. It has the right amount of springiness but I didn’t like the holes in the short rows.

So I searched for another pattern. By accident a came across a Slipper boot on The Knitting Fiend blog by Lucia. This had a slipper calculator that given the shoe size or length desired, it created a pattern, calculating the stitches needed at each step in the pattern. This pattern from the start seemed like it would be nice, but it became very complicated and I realized that this yarn just wasn’t going to bounce and stretch like this pattern called for. My slipper came out a little larger than anticipated and didn’t look at all like the nice snug shapely boot in the picture. Perhaps if I used a different yarn, it would be better? So the search went on.

Well, so far I have two single slippers that I have no desire to repeat and finish making the mates. I was searching under “knit slippers” and found a pattern for Fuzzy Feet by Theresa Vinson Stenersen on Knitty website. I had some Patons Classic Wool and started this pattern for a gigantic anklet that is intended to be felted to fit. Now, socks patterns I have done before so this seems easy, so far. The challenge will be felting it to fit, which I haven’t yet done.

One slipper is done and I am progressing to make the second one. The slipper is HUMONGOUS! For a slipper that I hope will fit a Size 7 foot, I had to make it 12-13 inches long. Right now it would fit a small GIANT! I think I have to put the two slippers together in the washing machine because I want them the same proportion of shrinkage. I am hoping that I will have enough yarn on the one ball to make the second slipper with the remainder of the skein.

Stay tuned......

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