Thursday, March 27, 2008

Woodland Shawl

I am really enjoying knitting the Woodland Shawl in Liza Souza’s Alpaca Silk. Not only is it buttery soft and warm, the leaf pattern is relatively easy to memorize. For this aging person, with increasing memory loss, that’s saying something.

What is also amazing about this pattern is that it looks good on both sides. Some lace patterns are only beautiful on one side but this stitch is so amazingly genius that it shows a reverse of the pattern on the back side, making it a treasure to wear either way.
I am feeling that I picked the perfect color for fall. The color blend is mostly in olive with specks of yellow and orange and blue green that really make it seems like falling leaves as they just begin to change color in the fall. I have to admit that when I chose this yarn it was more because of the softness and the price (which seemed less than others), than the colors. I was hoping I could do something with it. It took me awhile to finally decide to purchase it at $44 a skein. Nevertheless,I took the plunge, planning to do something very special with this pricey yarn.

Knitting it up is going quickly on size 9 needles. I am hoping and praying, I will have enough yarn to make a decent size shawl. I hope my initial calculations are correct. Each pattern repeat is roughly less than 3” long, but it is very stretchy and will stretch to 4” by blocking if I need it too. So far, I’ve knitted 11 ½ inches.

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Amanda said...

Wow! You've done so much already! It looks fantastic. The yarn dying process sounds fascinating. I hope it all comes out great!