Sunday, March 16, 2008

Heavenly knitting

Last weekend it was daylight savings time. We turned our clocks forward and lost an hour. This was supposed to give us an extra hour of daylight. I don’t know about you, but this yearly transition is always difficult for me. I’m thinking “oh my gosh, I lost an hour!” “Horrors!”. “Is this some joke?” “Lord have mercy, I don’t have enough hours in a day to get all I want to done, and now I’ve lost an HOUR!”. Contemplating this is mentally and physically exhausting. Even my body seems to be exhausted. Of course, it doesn’t help, when I have a cold that has now turned into bronchitis. However, I’m feeling on the mend.

As I get older, I feel that life is getting shorter. It’s not fair that just when I have renewed my interest in NeedleCrafts, I feel I need to squeeze every chance I have into my hobby. There is just “not enough hours in a day” to do it all. Even when I try to do that, there still isn’t enough time. If one could imagine Heaven, and what it would be like, I can see myself knitting, happily enjoying all the time praising God in music and knitting. Perhaps there will be a big knitting and spinning circle among the angels happily knitting “Socks for Jesus”. Did he ever wear socks?!
In thinking about it, what would we need to knit? There would be no cold weather in Heaven, so no hats, shawls, gloves, etc. would be needed. We will already have enough adornments, so no purses, sweaters, etc., would not be needed. Perhaps we can knit up some angel wings? Maybe some lace things to outfit our “mansion”? Or perhaps some nice washcloths to shine up the streets of gold? Even better, wouldn’t it be cool to spin gold fiber into thread or yarn like in Rumplestilskin? We could add some diamond and ruby beads to embellish it. How cool is that?!!!

Over this weekend I have focusing on the Baby Sweater and the French Market Bag. I noticed that at the end of the sweater, Elizabeth’s directions say to decrease 10% of the stitches before garterstitching a 1” borderband. I am looking closer at the cuffs of the sleeves, which are gigantic. Was I supposed to decrease 10% for the cuffs, too? Perhaps. I guess I will be ripping and redoing the cuffs.

The French Market Bag is almost done. I am on the handles. Yes, it IS Ginormous (is that how you say it, gigantic and enourmous=ginourmous ;0). Of course, it is intended to be felted and will shrink. I might have to lengthen the handles, if this is the case. Wow! I cannot believe I will have two things off my needles! My mind is already contemplating what I will doing next. I am so bad!

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Amanda said...

Wow! You've come so far! Your projects look great. I can't wait to see them finished. I love the big cuffs on the sweater. I would probably leave it that way, if it were me... but then I'm usually too lazy to rip things out to fix them. Haha :)