Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Reviving My Mojo!

Hi there! Here I am again….with another cold. This is the pits! I am sick of being sick. As I convalesce, trying to squeeze every once of immunity out of my body to fight these things, all I can do is knit. I am thinking, perhaps its time to retire and be a homemaker again.

I’ve been trying to add a few rows in each of my projects. The French Market Bag is starting to shape up. The baby sweater will be finished soon. The Bell Curve skirt is getting longer.

I don’t know if it’s my condition that is affecting my knitting mojo (motivation) but I am struggling with it. I am in need of some new inspiration. It’s nice to see Spring coming… in the weather, in the flowers, in the trees blooming, sooo…. I need to start something new.

I subscribe to the Knitting on the Net newsletter and discovered this cute pattern for knitting little Easter Basket favors. I thought this would be nice to give my workmates with an Easter Egg filled with candies. They are very easy to knit. I cranked out about 5 of them in an hour or so. This is a great stash or scrap yarn buster as it doesn’t take much yarn to do.

I decided to join another knitalong. Web’s “Ready, Set, Knit” podcast is starting a new project……the Bird in Hand Mitten. I love two color knitting. So I jumped in and bought the pattern.

Then I read it through and tried to do a gauge swatch. I had some second thoughts thinking this project might become the Bird in “Hell” project. To get the gauge I had to use Size 1 needles. There is a reason why I do not knit many socks. This is because of the tiny needles required. My eyesight is just not as good as it used to be. I hate getting older. I had the yarn already in my stash, Knit Picks Swish DK in Hollyberry and Bare so I decided to jump in.

The first rows went well, but they are really tiny stitches. Then I came to the Braid. Oh my gosh,…..very confusing directions but I still plugged ahead and finally managed to figure it out. I can’t believe that this was all for a simple horizontal braid of chain looking embellishment. This is definitely a challenge. Here are some of my efforts…….


Amanda said...

Sorry to hear you are ill! My prayers are with you.

I love the market bag!! Will it be felted? Or used as knit? It's lovely either way. Keep up the amazing work.

The egg baskets give a little instant gratification too. That should help with the motivation! :)

Diana said...

Thanks Amanda! I haven't figured out how to leave a comment directly to you, so I hope you will be able to read this. Yes, eventually the Market bag will be felted, however, I am liking it the way it is. When it's finished, I'll have to decide what to do. Thanks for all your nice comments.