Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Comfort of Knitting

I realized it has been over a week since my last entry. I just haven’t had a spare moment or the motivation. Stress at work resulting in 10 hr days from so many major projects and boss’s interrupting with new tasks, besides dealing with a large amount of children’s serious respiratory illnesses this flu season wasn’t enough for me. Apparently, someone thought I needed the additional stress of my husband tearing his meniscus (knee cartilage) and having to drive him around and help him with his limited mobility and pain. The one thing I looked forward to every night was knitting. This calmed me down and comforted me to allow me to get some sleep, to enable me to crawl out of bed to face another day of stress. I have no idea how I am still functioning. Thank God for knitting.

I have been knitting on the Bell Curve skirt, the Baby Sweater, and the Celtic Tote. The skirt is wonderful to knit. I’ve managed to knit about 15 inches of it so far. I keep dreaming of other colors I’d like to make a skirt out of. A dark green heather might be nice or a chocolate brown.

The Baby Sweater is almost done. I have about 3 more inches of body left to knit and then to sew it up.

I started the 2nd half of the celtic tote. About the 9th row of the cabled chart pattern, I realized that I forgot to do a decrease on row three, so I will have to rip it back and correct it.

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