Sunday, June 6, 2010

Plumb flabbergasted.....!

Until now, I have felt I was handling everything fairly well. All the daily things are being done, bills paid, house in some order, work is plugging away, car taken for servicing, W is being cared for at he hospital. No worries… I thought. Then my peace was shattered…..

The other day, I sprug a leak in my refrigerator hose for the ice maker. Coming home to a counter filled with water was not great. Yet, no damage seemed to be evident. Also I noticed a lot of water around my lawn sprinklers that should not be there when sprinklers are off. So now I have two plumbing leaks to worry about. Plumbing was W’s job. I had no clue how to start to fix it. So I talked to W about it. He quickly tells me how to do it, but I try turning one of the valves and water shut-offs and it doesn’t budge. I ask one of my son’s to help me and he looks at me blankly. I realize my husband never taught the boys to fix plumbing problems. What do I do now without calling out an expensive plumber to fix a few minor looking leaks?

I pray…Lord, help me figure out how to fix this!. I get a “Plumbing” how to book. I get some tubing that I think might fix the refrigerator leak and I get the water shut off on my Kitchen cold water to keep the spray from ruining anything else. I am stressed and fretful. I cancel a dinner date with my brother’s family, who was going to take me out for my birthday, so I can work on this while I still have weekend left.

Lo and behold, God answers my prayers. Instead of showing me how to fix it, he sends two people to fix it. My brother brought me my dinner from the restaurant, and also brought his tools to fix the refrigerator leak. While waiting for my brother to show, God sent over my gardener who said he would fix the sprinklers for a reasonable price. I thought how good God is!

I never appreciated enough all the things my husband did. He was Mr. Fix It. Now that he is not able to Fix It, it leaves a big hole in our ability to keep the house fixed. Thank goodness, we have a God who can send us people to help us. He continues to provide for my needs. I am so grateful and very humbled by His provision.

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