Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Turning Point

This last week, we reached a turning point. After 30 something days, W’s doctor decided to a bone marrow biopsy to see if engraphment had taken place. The results were positive. Those little donor cells have been sleeping soundly slowly making blood cells. It is well known that cord blood cells take longer to engraph than regular bone marrow cells. This news was a great relief to me, and shortly thereafter, we have seen W’s blood count start to elevate. Although there is still some fluctuation, there is definite increases going on.

Just when I was ready to celebrate and get ready for possible homecoming in the near future, suddenly, there is a set back…….Fever, infection! W is now in ICU. Although things are uncertain right now, I have confidence that the City of Hope will do everything they can to abate and treat this infection. Everything is happening so fast. In the blink of an eye and within 10 minutes, he was moved with all his belongings to an ICU bed.

I should feel quite blessed and fortunate that W was infection free for the 40+ days he’s been in the hospital. This is a true testament of the good care he is receiving. I am also gratified that this infection happened when his cell counts were improving and not when his immune system was weaker.

Lately, I have been loosing my knitting mojo over the past few weeks. All I have been able to think about is getting the house ready for W. I cannot think about any projects that take too much of my concentration. Time and preservation of my energy has been precious to me. I’ve got to keep healthy and yet, get the house cleaned to reduce the chance of added infection when W does come home. Much is to be done….Drapes & blinds cleaned, a good scubbing of the kitchen and bathroom, carpets shampooed, bedrooms dusted & vacuumed.

I’ve been trying to keep some of my knitting mojo by small projects such as knit hats. I made an owls hat that came out nice. I sewed some buttons for eyes to make it really look like owls. I’m now working on a basketweave hat. These mindless projects will likely be donated to Hats for the Homeless.

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