Saturday, February 23, 2008

Celtic Tote and UFOs

The UFO (unfinished Object) knitting plan is being put into force. It has helped me focus on these projects that need much attention. Actually, it seems as I am forced to pick up the projects and knit, I fall in love with them all over again. To be fair, I diligently attempt to give each project some time.

My Celtic tote is coming along. I’ve finished one side and will be starting the other side soon. I really appreciated the feedback I get from the Unraveled Knit along teacher. She has been very encouraging. I’m wondering, though, if I am the only one actively knitting in the group. Nevertheless, I pursue this with a passion. It’s nice to have someone on the side lines when I need help or advice.

I’ve been sick with a cold these past few days. This is the results of a good Samaritan visit to my parents who are in their 80s, who had colds. I chanced the risk of getting sick, knowing that it was more important to see them and show I cared than getting sick myself. It was well worth the sacrifice as they were happy to see me and appreciated the chicken soup I brought. They are wonderful people and deserve the very best.

I did lot of knitting while at home sick. I was able to get a few more rows done on my candlelight scarf, branching out scarf, baby sweater, and Adult Surprise jacket.

I am re-evaluating Walter cardigan. I really don’t like the boring stockinette pattern. He also has lost some weight, and I’m not sure what I started will fit him anymore. Sooo…..I have been purusing my knitting books and magazine for a nice men’s cardigan. There really are not much to choose from but I found two pattern’s I’m thinking about. In Patons Forever Favorites: Fifty Years of Family Classics, I like the Service Cardigan and the Baltic Cardigan. I also have been tempted to start a skirt called “Bell Curve” by Kira Dulaney from I’ve been trying to swatch some Lion Brand Wool-Ease but I’m having trouble getting gauge. I’m thinking perhaps Patons Classic Wool might give me a better gauge.

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Amanda said...

Diana, This tote is adorable! My mom sent me your blog. I am blown away by your fabulous projects! You are an inspiration to crafters everywhere! I can't wait to check out your other project posts. hugs! -betty's daughter