Friday, February 15, 2008

Knit WARS! A finished Hemlock Ring

I am so glad to have finished the Hemlock Ring Blanket. I am convinced that Feather and Fan is just not my favorite stitch. The blanket or lap blanket ended up being about 4 ft wide and will be nice for my God mother to sit with. Perhaps in a nice colored yarn this would be more interesting. The blanket took about 1 ½ skeins of my stash Red Heart Acrylic, which is about 14 oz. I am trying to work down my stash. There IS something to say about washable yarn. I always fear that if I give a gift to someone who doesn’t know or has the means to hand wash clothes, that giving something washable would be better than courting disaster as one inadvertently throws them in the wash with other clothes and pulls them out in horror because they now look like doll clothes. I would mourn the mistreated item and all the laborious hours put into creating it.

I am now working on the Celtic Tote. This is a Knit along with my local LYS. It is a cabled tote. I have not done cables in a long while so it is a slow process, one row at a time. I am thinking this may take me a while. However, I am progressing steadily, almost halfway done with one side.

As I knit along, I love to listen to knitting podcasts. One that kind of grows on you is Lime and Violet. At times they are a bit crass but very hilarious. They have announced a feature called “KnitWars”! It is based on an adventure game. Originally designed as “ChoreWars”, a way to make doing chores in your party or family to earn XP points as you do household tasks.

The creators have created “Yarn Wars with Lime & Violet”. As you knit , spin and crochet, you earn XP points for various tasks, including an FO disasters, finishing an object, or a UFO, or knitting in public and resisting that coveted yarn purchase. There are other ways to earn points which are tallied daily so you can monitor your progress with others. It also gives you gold, which doesn’t really do anything yet. However, the person can invent a system to reward yourself by spending the gold when you achieve a certain amount. I love the button you can put on your blog to show others how you are doing. My Chore Wars character

This game is in its beta stage, open to anyone, but it sounds like there’s going to be a greater roll out of it soon. Lime and Violet is encouraging everyone to sign up now to get familiar with how it works.

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Fay Lynn said...

Ok I love the blanket. It has been on my list forever and i have just not been able to get to it.

You Celtic bag is coming along. We are going to meet this tuesday if you want to come and knit along with us on the bag. I have no idea who will be there but the knit group also meets so there will be lots of people around knitting!!