Monday, February 18, 2008

Disaster Strikes!

I cannot believe how blind I am. I was working on my Green Medallion Hat and am just about to start the finishing decreases for the crown of the head and I discover a mistake.
Can you see it?

On row 3 for about 5 stitches I knit when I should have purled! Why didn’t I see it earlier?. There is no way for me to fix this without a lot of trouble. Sooooo……dumb-da-da-dumb…..I frogged it and will not remake it. Not right away anyhow.

I had just made myself a plan…..a UFO plan. This was a plan to knit on each of my UFO’s, my main ones, at least twice a week.

1 Baby Sweater
2 Market Bag
3 Celtic Tote
4 Green Hat
5 Pink booties
6 Tofusies socks
7 Branching out
8 Caliometry
9 Candlelight scarf
10 Adult Surprise
11 Walter Sweater
Sunday: 1,3,6,9
Monday: 1,4,5,10
Tuesday: 2,3,7,9
Wednesday: 1,4,6,11
Thursday: 2,3,7,9
Friday: 1,6,7,11
Saturday: 2,4,8,10

I was planning on knitting the above projects on certain days of the week, hoping to make a little progress each week to the finish line. Well, #4 is now off my list.

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