Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sunny California and Brioche Stitch

“Sunny California” hasn’t lived up to it’s name lately. We’ve had a lot of rain over the last week. However, change can be very refreshing. We’ve needed the rain water so desperately and God has surely blessed us. Between storms He has smiled on us and brought blue skies and lovely snow sprinkled mountains to gaze at in wonder. I just couldn’t help but admire the beauty.

For those living in the East, I’m sure you are tired of snow, but here in California we have such a short cold winter season, that this kind of change is just a wonder to behold. We finally get weather worthy of sweaters, hats and mittens. It’s something to warm a knitter’s heart and hands. Needless to say, I have been inspired to knit as much as I can.

Today, I am home from work, having woken with some dizziness and all that comes with it. This is very unusual for me, but most likely due to the excessive amount of stress at work lately. I guess it has all caught up with me.

So I am confined to bed and have kept myself busy finishing the Medallion capelet. I managed to have enough yarn in the Caron’s One Pounder Worsted weight to complete the three medallions, but just enough. I still have to put it together and make the collar and I don’t think the amount I have left will do it. I decided to block the circles before putting it together so that it will likely keep the circular shape. I am so excited that this is almost finished and “If” I decide to go to “Stitches West” the end of February it would make a lovely piece to show off. I have always admired all the ladies who go to shows wearing their lovely creations. It makes good conversation starters.

I have lately been intrigued with the Brioche stitch. One of my co-workers has a lovely poncho made in Brioche. I have been searching online for info on Brioche and found several YouTube demos and instructions. I recently discovered my style of knitting is called Combination Knitting, the style of Anne Modesitt (aka Heretic Knitting). The regular (Western) way of doing is broche is

O, S, / for the Knit row. (yarn over, slip, k2tog)
/, S, O for the purl row. (k2tog, slip, yarn over)

My k2tog needs to be reoriented and retransferred in my style of knitting, which can be quite cumbersome with all these stitches.

I’ve been wondering if I can change this to an SSK , which for me in combination knitting is knit2tog through the back.

The pattern would be:
O, S, \ (yarn over, slip, SSK)
Would this come out to result in the same stitch pattern?

Stay tuned…….

I tried to do a sample using the latter pattern: O, Slip, K2tog using the combination method. See the bottom portion below. As you can see, it didn't quite come out as I wanted. Using the Western knitting style I made the actual brioche (upper portion) as directed by the pattern. Actually, this way was much easier and it took less steps.

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