Friday, January 18, 2008

Multitasking: skill or curse?

Ack!!! I am hopeless. I just can’t help myself. I see a pattern that inspires me and I just have to start it. The blog has been silent this week, not because I haven’t been doing anything, but because I have been trying to do everything. I am trying to finish some UFO’s. I also started some Saartje’s bootees.I had them finished when I realize I had missed some rows and had to rip them back. They were so easy, this wasn’t too difficult. Although, I didn’t take any pleasure in correcting them. I still have to sew in the ends.

I also started a supposedly quick baby hoodie sweater with some Lion Brand Homespun I had in my stash. I was to get this sweater finished this week in time for a birthday party tomorrow, but the new issue of Vogue Knitting Magazine distracted me. I fell in love with the Nicky Epstein’s Medallion Capelet and casted on with some Caron Pounder of Worsted Acrylic from my stash. On the plus side, I am sincerely trying to use from my stash, which is good. These medallions are turning out easier than I thought. I just hope I don’t get bored with it before I finish the three medallions it calls for.
I did, however, frog one UFO from my old UFO list. I am finding this deciding what to frog harder than I thought. As I look over the UFO, I briefly fall in love with it again and just don’t have the heart to frog it. I keep telling myself that I will get to finishing it when I reduce some of my other “on my needles projects”.

Think about frogging
Jan 06 40% Red Chenile Capelet- frogged 1/2008
Pre-2000 50% White Cotton Sampler Vest
Pre-2000 80% Mohair Scarf
June 05 50% Black/Multi color Handspun sweater(I can’t even remember what this looks like??)
Jun 05 25% Philosopher’s Technique Fair Isle Sweater
June 05 75% Cotton Flag sweater (Would probably bleed after the first wash anyway)
June 05 50% Blue Cotton crochet vest
Fall 05 50% Color Fair Isle Wool sock (?) Second sock syndrome
Pre-2000 50% Diamonds Woman’s sweater
Pre-2000 75 % Bulky Vest
July 07 10% Handspun Tencel Dog Paw’s Shawl
Oct 2007 30% Dad’s tofusies socks

The hemlock ring blanket has briefly stalled for a time, when I can sit for a period of time to figure out the mistake I made. I am going to have to frog back to the mistake but I have to find the mistake first. I have knitted up to the 51st row. I was looking forward to getting some encouragement and guidance from Pixie on the WEBS knit along, but was disappointed in the delay of another week to allow others to gather supplies. So I figure I’m still ahead of the pack, having already started my hemlock ring.

I have come to the conclusion that I am a victim of my ability to multitask. At work, I am always in a state of putting down one thing to start a new task because of a fast approaching deadline. This seems to be happening a lot lately. I eventually finish tasks but am having to switch gears so often, it causes one’s head to spin, trying to keep everything straight. Is this what I am doing with my knitting? I am hopeless. I may need professional help!

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