Friday, October 12, 2007

Nutrition Creating and Finishing Up the Wishbone

This has been a very busy beginning of the week. I had to put together a Staff Development training on Designing Preschool lessons in nutrition using food. What fun we had putting an assortment of groceries together to teach children so many different things! So many creative minds in one place can be stimulating! We even had a chance to move to music waving scarves around to promote movement and exercise! We live to be kids again! (Sigh!)

Well, enough about work. With that behind me, I have been trying to figure out how to get Ravelry to read my blog. So far, no success, but I’m still working on it. I seemed to be discovering new interesting groups every day. We are surely creating a whole new world.

I’ve also been motivated to clean out bookshelves, lately, to make room for all the new knitting books I purchased this summer. I’m getting rid of all my outdated Nursing mags, which freed up a lot of room. I must have had subscriptions dating back to the stone ages (2003). I even painfully put some outdated books for the Goodwill. It’s so hard to give up these things, because you never know when you need to look up something. However, the Internet has made research easier than ever and sometimes I don’t even need the books as some are outdated a decade or so.

I also tried to sort through some of my fiber stash. I separated the raw fiber and the rovings. This was just the stash in one room. I just can’t tell you how much I have in our guest bedroom! Well, for one thing it tells me I shouldn’t buy anymore fiber. I also have a large closet sized stash of spun yarn waiting to be used. I should start planning my Adult surprise sweater with this soon.

I am so into knitting right now, I cannot seem to bring myself to spin. I am currently working on my Wishbone sweater again. I’ve completed both arms and have attached the body and I am knitting the yoke. It seems to be going fast and I can’t wait to finish it.
It’s nice to be finishing my first adult sweater. It looks quite large. Well, I like large sweaters with lots of room. Getting so close to the end of this project is allowing me to start thinking about what my next project will be. Perhaps I should start the adult surprise sweater in order to reduce my handspun stash. I also have to decide if I want to attempt the open collared shirt for my middle son. I cannot seem to decide what yarn to use. I want something that is light and easy to wear, yet cotton at 5sts per inch will be heavy and wool may be too warm. I just love the color of the superwash wool. Perhaps I should just bite the bullet and knit with the superwash(on the right). I also got a skein of Vanna's Choice which knitted up very nicely but is more bulky. I read some reviews that it was stiff but I found it quite soft and easy to knit with. I'm trying to figure out what to create with it. I know I will enjoy the superwash wool's softness and color as I knit the stockinette stitches. Here are some swatches I knit with it. It is simply gorgeous and would be perfect for Christmas.


Debby said...

I like reading your blog! So much knitting content! I too had problems getting ravelry to read my blog. I found out that the "http" was in there twice and that it didn't need the "www". May try entering just the http://then the blogger code. I noticed you have "https" in your address. Maybe get rid of the s?

Diana said...

Hi Debby!
Thanks for the tip on the blogger code. I've been trying to search where you saw an https in my address. Can you tell me what page view or how you saw it so I can correct it? Thanks.