Saturday, October 6, 2007

Assembly Lines and Needle Addictions

I took a few days off at the end of this week to help my mom who was having cataract eye surgery. I packed my knitting expecting to be waiting for a while. I had a good hour of knitting. Is that all? You might be asking. I was surprised too. Apparently, there was an assembly line of patients going in and out. Things have changed quite a bit since I had eye surgery as a little girl. What used to be a 3-day hospital stay, is now an hour long out- patient procedure and you don’t even have to take off your clothes… or your shoes! Yes, believe it or not, she had all her clothes on during the surgery. I wasn’t kidding about assembly line. No time is wasted changing clothes.

One hour or so was all I needed to finish my Baby Surprise hoodie. My first results was ripped out as I thought it was a little short, and at my second attempt, I extended it two inches and put in some even space Yarn Overs to make holes I could thread a drawstring through, just in case my extensions prove to be too large. The drawstring could be pulled snug to fit her face and keep the hood on.

I’ve been keeping busy learning how to work Ravelry. I was able to put some of my projects on it with pictures. The thing I am having difficulty with, is to have it read my blog. I thought I had finally figured out how to set up an RSS feed through Feedburner, but it still hasn’t displayed the entry titles on Ravelry for members to access and read. I’m not sure what I did wrong.

I joined a few groups on Ravelry, but I am not very active yet. I spent a good time recording all the knitting needles I have that are not on any projects. You can call me a “needle addict”. Whenever I have an itch to start a project, and the desired size needle is already being used by an Unfinished Project, I would rather buy a new set of needles than finish the old project to free up the needles. Is that crazy or what? Is there a rehab for this kind of needle addict? Sure, there is…..they call them Knitting Retreats!!! Ha! Ha!. I confess that I’m hopeless. I recall buying at least 4 sets of needles at the recent TKGA Knit and Crochet show. I even bought a new needle gauge because I get crazy when I can’t find it when I need it.



Hi! I just hopped over from Ravelry - I love checking out people's blogs from there. I thought your story about your dog was very touching. My cat Tristan, who was my best buddy for almost 20 years, recently passed away and I wish I had some of his fur to knit into something beautiful!!

Diana said...

I had no idea how attached I would be to my pet dog. It is tremendous comfort to have something to remember his by. So sorry about your Tristan. Wow! 20 years! A very long life and much joy, I presume. Thank you for you kind comments. Diana