Sunday, June 22, 2008


I’ve been trying to stay focused on making the Pomotomous socks. I love the way they are coming out….looking like lizard scales. I am using Koigu and I really love this yarn. It is spun very tight and has wonderful stitch definition. It almost feels like I’m knitting with mercerized cotton, but it doesn’t split. Right now we are having a 106 degree heat wave, but I really don’t feel like I’m working with wool, because Koigu is so COOL (pun-intended) to work with.

When I want to work on something less complicated, like when watching TV, I get out my Pinwheel blanket. This however, is very warm to knit and if I don’t finish it soon, I fear it will end up in my UFO pile until cooler weather returns. It is now 24 inches in diameter.

On the family front, I survived having my family over for a barbeque on Father’s Day. It was a really nice day. We also celebrated several family birthday’s, mine being one of them. Gift cards was the “In” thing as many of us just don’t have much time to shop because of our jobs.

One exciting thing happened this week. My youngest son was hired and starting working in my school office as a clerk. I was very pleasantly surprised at his super work ethic, his intelligence, confidence and eagerness to learn and do, very efficiently, as much work as we gave him. He is sure to be a wonderful addition to our staff. I couldn’t be a more proud mother and coworker. From day one he seemed to learn in hours what some staff took weeks to learn. He just took my breath away.

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