Sunday, June 8, 2008

Monkey Socks and Summer thoughts

Can you believe it? I finished one sock and am half way to the other! What a miracle! The amazing Monkey socks are a big success. I would never have imagined it. I started the Monkey socks more for the challenge in learning the process rather than the product . I also wanted to try to knit them using the magic loop method with I found nicer than the dpn, but a little slower. I initially started them on dpns, and changed to a 40 in circular. The pattern was actually easier to do since it was a 4-16 st patterns that divided more easily on two needles than 3. Even the heel was easier and since I take my knitting in my purse, kept from dropping stitches off the short dpns. I did however switch to dpns for the gusset in the beginning but I raise up my courage to transfer them back to circulars and this worked well. Then again for the home stretch knitting the foot and toes and grafting and Voila! Done! Here you can see the pattern......

About a week ago I finished my Branching out scarf. I still have yet to block it but here is a picture of it. It is made with Handspun Wool/Mohair. A very lovely scarf.

Summer project thoughts.

We are about to enter into Summer. With warmer weather, I am trying to think about my knitting projects. Should I join the UFO Olympics? This is making a goal of finishing your designated unfinished objects during the time of the Olympics. Or should I participate in the Ravelry Olympic trials?

Since the Official Knitting Olympics is actually in the Winter, someone thought renaming this similar event to be a practice run or trials for the “Real” Knitting Olympics which Stephanie Pearl McFee promotes in winter. I prefer participating in the Summer Olympics because I have a short break from work then and I can concentrate on knitting among other things that get neglected when I am working.

Other summer projects I’ve been thinking about is inventorying my stash and fiber, …….again. This is a never ending job. I think my stash is growing. Can I help it?….NO!
I really need to knit it up. My family is starting to look at me funny. In the words of Stephanie Pearl-McFee….”Yarn?…..What yarn?……………..These are my kittens!!!!!” I just can’t seem to knit charity hats fast enough. I’m thinking that perhaps I should double strand the yarn so I can use it up faster. I’m also wishing to experiment with making small sweaters from the top, inspired by Barbara Walker’s “Knitting from the Top”. I thought I might knit several small teddy bear sweaters to practice the techniques and then perhaps for the fall, commit to knit a human-sized sweater. Now….where do I get a bear?

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