Sunday, April 13, 2008

Socks and Scarves

All the podcasts I’ve been listening to is talking about socks! I just can’t get away from it. Am I being persecuted or convicted for ignoring my Dad’s tofutsies socks. I just can’t get in to it. I’ve decided I really hate the yarn and color. Yet, I don’t have the heart to rip them out. I had both cuffs and legs done and started the heel and picked up the stitches for the gusset too loosely and had to frog to the heal flap because this yarn does not have memory( or stretchy bounce back). I haven’t touched them since then. I am trying to get up the courage to pick them up again.

I decided to get out all the sock yarn I have around the house, hoping it would inspire me to finish Dad’s socks. It certainly has been calling to me. What kind should I make next? Perhaps, what I need is a really easy but creative pattern to keep me interested. Plain 2x2 ribbing is just not inspiring enough for me. Soo…I went to the shopping Mall, and stopped at Borders. Lo and behold, I saw new book “Knitted Socks” by Anna Tillman. It has so many cute patterns I am drooling to make. My granddaughter would love the penguin and lady bug socks. There’s a very nice anklet with appliquéd little knitted strawberries on the ankle that my future daughter-in-law might like. There some socks with toes for flip flop wearers, intarsia pig socks, fair isle patterns and felted booties. There is even a pattern for felted jester boots. Wouldn’t my son’s roommate like those? Well, needless to say I am inspired.

So I am struggling with the decision to cast on something new or get out the Tofutsies to finish them to free up my sock needles. I just have too many projects on the needles. I am wanting the feeling of finishing something. I need to feel I’ve accomplished something so I can move on.

I also have been working on my candlelight scarf. We’ve been hit with a heat wave in the 90’s and I am making a scarf. Am I crazy or what? I guess it is the only mundane knitting I have at the moment. I have about 2 feet done and am about to start the 2nd skein. I am thinking 4 ft will be enough for this scarf. It is beautiful and soft. It will make a nice fall scarf. I am tempted to have a race with myself to get the next 2 ft done in 7 days. Can I do it? It has taken me 5 months to get 2 feet done and am I being crazy to think I can finish it in “1” week?

Hmmmm…..let’s see. That’s about 3 ½ inches a day, 8 rows to 1 inch, which is 28 rows a day. Ready, Set, Go!!

A Bit of Nostalgia

I was cleaning out some things and discovered a project from 30 years ago. When I was expecting my first child I started this needlepoint sampler. By the time he turned two, I somewhat finished it but did not have the money to get it professionally framed. I put it in a frame masking taping (big mistake) to a big piece of cardboard. My granddaughter will be turning 2 in August. I was thinking that she might get some use out of it (provided her mom wanted it) to teach her some words. This sampler taught all my three sons, who are now adults. It was made for her daddy and I am hoping it could be passed on to her grandchildren if it lasts that long. It is made of wool needlepoint thread and so I washed it gently with fiberwash and blocked it. I am planning to have it professionally framed so it can be protected for generations.

My Smiley’s yarn order has arrived! It is so nice!!! I just love the $2.50 sock yarn I forgot I ordered. I’ve got to get those Tofutsies socks finished! I am also dreaming of colorways I want to dye the cotton yarn and can’t wait to knit with it.


Amanda said...

I completely sympathize about the socks. My girlfriends and I have discussed having a project swap so we can trade projects when we get bored (or decide we don't like it) and yet progress is still made.

Diana said...

What a great idea! Unfortunately, I don't seem to have many friends that knit on a regular basis as I do. I've been thinking about joining some online swaps.