Saturday, December 10, 2016

Getting Ready For Christmas

  I’ve been thinking more and more of returning to my knitting blog. Since retiring  from my Nursing job with the Head Start Program in July 2016, I find I have more time to pursue my knitting and other assorted interests.
In the summer, our household added a gentleman from my church who needed to rent a room.. After much prayer and contemplation, I felt God calling me to meet this need. It provided him with needed shelter and gave me a worthy Christian service to address some of his health needs with my expertise in nursing.   The companionship was a win-win situation for both of us and this arrangement has worked out well thus far.  It has also given me a subject to knit for.
  He is a  one legged amputee and as winter approached, the need for hard-to-find, well fitted socks presented itself.  As I was sorting through my UFOs (unfinished knitted objects), I ran across some Opal socks I had started for my Dad who had passed away 5 years ago. I feel a little sad that I never finished them for him, but now I have an opportunity to repurpose them.  Originally, I designed a sock that was not to be constrictive (for swollen ankles), with a 2 by 2  rib on 80 stitches.  I had only finished the ribbing for an ankle sock at the time. Since Mr. C was a taller man with a large foot, I decided to make a knee sock.  I adjusted the heel and gusset to fit his larger ( Size 16 shoe) and higher instep.  At the end of the ribbing I changed to a 2 by 3 rib for about 1 inch before starting the heel flap. This accommodated the higher instep without binding the foot at the ankle joint.  The sock was now renamed Chris’s sock.  How nice I only had to do one sock…..perfect to avoid 2nd sock syndrome.

Another UFO that has been languishing was the Celtic Throw I was making my son. The blanket is made with 2 strands of worsted weight yarn held together. The pattern is very beautiful  with a Celtic design, but as it grew, it became very difficult to manage with the weight of it.  This, however, will be exactly what my son likes.  It was planned to fit a twin bed but I decided to end it shorter and resulted in a square throw. I think it will still give good coverage on a bed or sofa.  Yet I am glad it is now finished and ready for Christmas giving.

Having Mr. C in my home has given me an opportunity to meet and get to know some of his friends.  One is a single dad with 2 preadolescent daughters, that hold an affection for Mr. C.  They are always concerned for him.  These beautiful charming girls has given me a chance to make some knitted items for them.  It seems they like Minions.   So I made a couple of Minions hats for them for Christmas. It was a fun project.


Christmas is always a time of remembering;  remembering your childhood Christmases, the traditions you had while you raised your children, the people who shared Christmases with you who are now gone. There are glimpses of melancholy and sadness that are fleeting. However,  I am trying to rejuvenate the Joy of Christmas and this year I had a little time on my hands. So I decorated…… and celebrated Advent with my new housefriend.  It is such a joy to bring the Spirit of Christmas to one who has no family and never had a real joyful Christmas in the past.  I hope yours is a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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