Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Transplant Birthday!

“Today is the 1st day of the rest of your life!” Today is like a rebirthing day for W as he had his Stem Cell Transplant today. There were four units of cord blood from two donors infused quickly into W. Nurses and doctors were watching vigilantly for any adverse reactions while this all happened. I sat nearby watching and praying that all would go well. It all took about an hour. At 2:55 pm W got a second chance of a quality of life.

God is very good. There was no reactions, but W. is still groggy from the pre-medication he was given. He just wants to have a good nap. Over the next few weeks, there is likely to be some side effects but these Nurses are amazing. They are so knowledgeable and do everything right down to the letter. A lot of checking and rechecking goes on for every medication, treatment, order, etc. Everyone entering the room wears protective clothing, mask and gloves to protect the patient. There are no shortcuts taken. Being a nurse myself, I am familiar with what should happen and I must say this hospital and staff is #1 in my book.

Today is also National Nurse’s Day. I was surprised that I had to remind W’s nurse of the day. These City of Hope nurses and staff have my thanks and appreciation for their careful care of W. They deserve to celebrate Nurse’s day everyday! It’s no surprise why they are so successful with these transplants. They have the best staff who really know their stuff and care about their patients.

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