Saturday, August 9, 2008

Let the RavelOlympics Begin!!!!

The Bejing Olympics have started and the Opening Ceremonies were absolutely glorious. So, therefore the RavelOlympics are officially started.

Fifteen minutes before midnight last night I was reading the Forums and noticed that the RavelOlympics group added WIP Wrestling, allowing for works in progress projects as an event. I had already joined the UFO Olympics, whose sign ups had closed a week ago. So I caved and joined both adding a few more UFOs to my proposed projects. So now I am part of both groups.

I am making good progress. These are my list of UFOs to complete within 17 days, until the Olympic flame goes out in Bejing.
1) Cotton Sampler Vest
2) Pomotamus Socks
3) Baby Kimono
4) Pinwheel Baby Blanket

It seems that some Ravelers have already completed their projects and received their medals. The daily update noted a very entertaining Youtube video from one of the contestants.
I hope you will enjoy it as much and I did.

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Sharon said...

Hi Diana,

I'm glad you liked the video. I've had an amazing response to it on Ravelry. Good luck with the Olympics! I got quite a bit done watching the opening ceremonies.